Data & Codes

Data – Reserve-weighted commodity price indices
A dataset of country specific reserve-weighted commodity price indices for low-income, resource rich economies. It measures the exposure of 30 low-income countries to movements in various global commodity prices using commodity and country specific reserve-GDP weights. The resulting price indices are exogenous measures of the exposure of low-income countries to global commodity price movements. See McGregor (2017) “Commodity price shocks, growth and structural transformation in low-income countries” for detail.
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Data – Global land cover raster
This is a raster dataset of global land and water cover (16.6MB) at a 1 x 1 decimal degree (1° x 1°) resolution, with land coded as 1 and water as 0. It was developed using the European Space Agency (ESA) Global Land Cover Map released in 2010 and transformed to be at the same resolution as the the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Nighttime Lights Data.
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Matlab – Bivariate VAR Markov codes
These codes estimate the transition matrix for a bivariate VAR process and simulates a joint Markov chain as described in McGregor (2017) “Pricing sovereign debt in resource-rich economies”. They allow the user to set the deep parameters of the bivariate process as well as the state space for the model.
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